Silicon Valley Chinese Technology and Business Alliance Smart City Conference – 2015

Date: May 29, 2015
Location: Santa Clara, CA
IoT | Smart City
Leveraging the IoT to expand your business
Everyday we hear more about the Internet of Things. Everyone is joining the parade and everyone seems to be attaching the term IoT to all of their products, but it isn’t that simple. There are many protocols and issues related to security and privacy. If taken lightly they can derail your product and incur costs, not just in wasted product development but more importantly consumer confidence.
I will cover a brief introduction to the IoT, what is it and what it isn’t, what technologies to consider and some lessons learned from product deployments and failure in security and privacy designs and also some interesting IoT projects that were built for the White House Smart America Challenge.
This talk should give you and your company a basis for future thought and discussions when choosing your path growing your business using the Internet of Things.